Peter and Madge Guest

Ten Pound Poms is the term used in Australia and New Zealand to describe British citizens who emigrated to those countries after the Second World War. The Government of Australia initiated the ‘Assisted Passage Migration Scheme’ in 1945. People only had to pay £10 and the government paid the rest. My great uncle’s brother Peter Guest (born 8.3.1907 Derby), took up this offer. He sailed on 12.1.1950 from Southampton on board the Moreton Bay to Sydney. Both Peter and his wife Madge (Margaret Ellen née Storer) died in Australia. Peter and Madge were living at 3 Clive Grove, York on the register of people taken for wartime purposes in 1939. Also in the same house was a John M Baier. He was described as a Czech refugee. Does anyone know anything about him?

Peter Guest taken in 1934

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