Random facts about York

** Knocking the heart out of York through the creation of Parliament Street and Piccadilly caused the shopping centre to be so nondescript that the York Chamber of Trade held a competition in 1975 for suggestions to improve it.

** The medieval kings of England worshipped in St George’s chapel when staying in York.  One of the buildings was known as St George’s priory. The buildings were demolished in mid 19th century but the land is still known as St George’s fields.

** St Maurice’s church was replaced by a Victorian building in 1876. Sadly, it became redundant in less than 100 years. The site was cleared in 1966 to provide space for a roundabout as Lord Mayor’s walk was going to service as a main traffic artery according to the 1971 plan.

** Great fire of York was 4th June 1137.

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