Victorian and Edwardian photographers in York…part 1

Photographers in York

In the White’s Directory of 1840 no photographers are listed in York.

William Webster was at 9 St Saviourgate in 1858.

Henry F Newell at 7 Railway Street in 1858. By the 1871 census he was living in Bradford, still listed as a photographer.

John W Knowles is in the 1858 White’s Directory as a photographic artist at 73 Goodramgate but he is better known as a stained glass artist and church decorator. His premises on Stonegate still carry his name.

William Bellerby is a photographic artist in the 1858 directory but also a carver, gilder and painter master at 9 Bootham.

William Thomas Gowland is on the 1858 listing as a photographic artist and by 1885 as artist and photographer. He was a painter and decorator on the 1851 census. By 1895 W. T & F Photographic Artists were at Lendal.  

George Dixon is a photographic artist in 1858 at 6 Bishopgate Street.

George Brown is a photographic artist in 1858 at 3 Railway Street.

John Audane is a photographic artist at Marsh Street in 1858.

George Willis, Garden Place, Hungate during 1858 to 61. In addition to being a photographer, he was also a game dealer.

Augustus Mahalski, 34 Goodramgate 1858-1861. From the censuses, he appears to have come from Poland. He married a Yorkshire lass, Sarah May, in 1856 at St Margaret’s down Walmgate. On the 1871 census they were at 29 Stonegate and 1881 at 60 Petergate. By ’91 at 44 Petergate. On the 1881 census Augustus was also acting as a servants’ register.

George Fawcet was at 5 Gillygate, 1891 to 1913, at least. In 1881 he was at Garden Street and in 1871 in Townend Street.

George Baker was at 38 Haxby Road, 1901 to 1913, at least.

Debenham and Co were at 5 Clifford St in at least 1901

The Globe Photo Co was at 3 Micklegate in 1901.

A branch of Valentine and Son, photographic publishers, were at 29 High Ousegate in the 1901 trade directory. The same directory also lists WG Jeffrey as an art photographer at 29 High Ousegate.

Edwin F Fox was at 7 Micklegate on the 1913 directory and in 1911 living at Moss Street.

William Galagher was at 63 Lowther Street in the 1913 directory.

Thomas Joseph Hanstock was at 11 Clarence Street in the 1913 directory. On the 1911 census his occupation was given as architectural photographer. He had previously been a joiner.

Henry Lane-Smith was at 15 Lendal in the 1913 directory. He was living at 7 Clifton Green on the 1911 census.

Thomas P Anderson was at 29 High Ousegate in the 1913 Kelly’s Directory.

Anna Margaret Munch was at 16 Davygate in 1913 and living in Blossom Street in 1911.

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